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Thank you for visiting - a new destination for finding used and secondhand DSLR camera bodies and equipment. This resource helps you find great value used DSLR camera bodies and accessories through top online auction websites like eBay.

Whether you are looking for your first DSLR camera or considering an upgrade, it's worth looking at used or secondhand kit in order to make a saving. We have listed the currently available offers on both Canon and Nikon kit. We also have some useful tutorials and guides for people who are just getting in to photography with a Digital SLR camera.

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Digital SLR cameras are the choice of almost all professional photographers and serious enthusiasts but the cost of new camera bodies and lenses can be prohibitively expensive for some. lists second hand cameras and glass that can be purchased through online auction websites.

When buying a second hand camera, it's worth looking out for the number of actuations if this information is available - this is the measurement for the number of times it has taken a photo - a bit like the camera equivalent of the mileage counter in a car.

At the moment we are only listing Canon and Nikon equipment - the two most popular brands - but other manufactures will be added to the website soon. is not affiliated with Canon or Nikon.